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room updates [Mar. 1st, 2008|05:00 pm]
Revel_Terminus: A Death Eater Community

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Right, anyone looking for the $169/night cheap rooms: they're all sold out. So, I have booked a double room (with *two* bathrooms!) for $194/night+tax. The room is for the 6th to the 10th (we leave on the 11th). check in time is 3pm on the 6th, but if you're early they can try to squeeze us in. It is reserved in my name (email me at sabrebabe at chartermi dot net) and is all set to go. :)

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hotel reservations [Mar. 1st, 2008|04:19 pm]
Revel_Terminus: A Death Eater Community

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So, I hit the Terminus chat today, and the hotel is filling up fast. I am going t omake the reservations on my credit card (oh, good gods, I hope my roomies come through! I can't afford this!) to make sure we have a room for the con. sbrande and madamsnape: I believe you are my roomies? I can't find the spreadsheet that's supposed to keep us organised... DarkMod? is there an updated Terminus spreadsheet?

And my plane ticket for Portus shall be paid for this week :)

I will start construction on costumes next month, after I get all my paperworks and doll stuff done. I found a local shop that carries theatrical makeup! I don't have to use the internet and try to guess at skin tones! Yay!
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Ickle Voldy-kins!! [Feb. 29th, 2008|02:19 pm]
Revel_Terminus: A Death Eater Community

I know it isn't completely relevant to the community ("Darnit, the Dark Lords is ALWAYS relevant!"), but I couldn't resist posting this little quickie I made for my Tonks after the hellish day she had last Tuesday. Hardly proportionate, and I made his robes too small and was unable to turn them inside-out in order to hide the rough seams. However, I think the effect is endearing, and supports the idea that Bella stitched him up. After all, what use has a female Death Eater for something as trivial as sewing, regardless of her noble upbringing??

Without further ado, I give you: Little Voldy!Collapse )
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(no subject) [Feb. 26th, 2008|09:56 pm]
Revel_Terminus: A Death Eater Community

I must, for a moment, abandon the cold, impassive countenance of a true Death Eater in order to say:


Phew! But really, all humor aside, I'm soooo excited about the finality of registration. I suppose I ought to thank the vetting board; I got my rejection e-mail for the proposal I sent back in November on a gender studies take on the series. Instead of cursing the members of that dratted body, I chose rather to divert my energy into something slightly more... productive.

I think the Dark Lord would be proud ;)
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(no subject) [Jan. 20th, 2008|04:05 pm]
Revel_Terminus: A Death Eater Community

Hello to all and sundry! I'm 'Lucy,' and it's really this community and the prospective gatherings at Terminus that really got me set on going to the convention this year! Corny, I know, but when I heard from a friend of mine all that was planned (plus, the concept of joining up with a bunch of HP fanatics for a week or so), I could hardly refuse.

I--like everyone and their mom, I'm sure--will be going as Bellatrix Black-Lestrange. The plan is to have a *theme* of "Bellatrix Over the Years," the concept not unlike crow_z's; a Slytherin-era Bella, a First War and/or prettified of-age Bella, Azkaban Bella, Death Eater and movie-esque, Second War Bella. So we'll see! Right now I've only really gotten together most of my Second War costume, which you're welcome to check out under the cut if you've the desire.

So we'll see! I am very excited about this summer and all that ought to be in store at the convention. Hoping to see you all there....


'You have to MEAN it, Potter!'Collapse )
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(no subject) [Jan. 11th, 2008|02:07 am]
Revel_Terminus: A Death Eater Community

Hey everyone!

My name is Kyle, and I'm a recent member to this fabulous community. I'm best friends with crow_z and sandygurl_31, and I go to school, and live, literally a block away from the Hotel that Terminus is being held. The reason why I'm joining is because I plan on going as Fenrir Greyback. Sandy and I will be working on a costume. I plan on going all out with tattered clothes, scars on my face, crazy hair, long filed fingernails, the works. I'm a huge buff when it comes to werewolf lure, and he's just one of my favorite characters to read about, not to mention Role Play as in RPGs. I was hoping that, though he is not an actual Death Eater, if he could take part in the Death Eater festivities! He may not have the title, but you gotta admit, he's evil, and he probably has more violence behind him than a lot of Death Eaters ::cough:: Rodolphus ::cough::. I see Fenrir as the personal lap-dog to the Dark Lord. So please, can I do this?

P.S. I've recently been informed by one of my most respected friends that my eyes remind her of what she imagines when she reads Fenrir. What do you guys think?

Thanks again, and I can't wait to see you guys there!


Crazy Fenrir EyesCollapse )
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HEY! [Jan. 5th, 2008|02:59 am]
Revel_Terminus: A Death Eater Community

Hello, the names Sandy, I will be cosplaying as Bellatrix Black/Lestrange along with my good friend crow_z who posted below :) I live in the Chicagoland area and I go to school right by the Hotel they are holding Terminus at:) I am looking forward to meeting everyone and cooking up some great Death eater fun ;)

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Exhibit your costumes and other things Terminus [Dec. 1st, 2007|03:57 pm]
Revel_Terminus: A Death Eater Community

[Current Mood |awake]

I just got off Terminus chat. 

Hallie mentioned the art gallery is open for cosplayers to exhibit their costume creations in the art gallery.  What a nice thing to do.   An example would be a home made corset, or a collection of the  home made death eater masks, or a frock coat.  You get the idea.   You can fetch your stuff to wear it too, or even exhibit costumes you won't be wearing.

I asked her to publicize this more.  But I suggest you all sign up to the terminus LJs to get a direct feed on the information, if you have not done so already.

They are looking for arts and crafts to exhibit.  Anything goes as long as it's potter related, and that can extend to anything in a potter book (e.g. dragons, snakes, mermaids, hinkypunks, etc.)  For example,  the crafts and art could be anything from HP dolls, jewelry, clothing, photos, art, sculpture,  etc.   If you have concens about securing /security of your goodies, ask the folks at Terminus what the procedures are.

Also, the hotel is effing gorgeous.  


We should plan some photo shoots for us.  Not sure how to advert this at the con, or when to do it, but Hallie says pick a time(s) and tell folks to "meet at the clock".   There are other really nice spots in the hotel.  I suspect they all look like Malfoy manor.

Any ideas?
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Death Eater Masks [Nov. 19th, 2007|06:47 am]
Revel_Terminus: A Death Eater Community

[Current Mood |amusedamused]


I found a link with detailed pics of the movie DE masks.    I use these for inspiration. I don’t have the skills for duplication. However, it’s nice to see what Hollywood cooks up.
But my fellow Death Eaters, do not despair because you cannot make armor! You can achieve a similar look, or your own unique look, in a mask by using very little skill and having a few basic supplies, along with using an eye for adaptation.
Adapt a Halloween mask:
I bought two rubber masks at a novelty store before Halloween. They were in the 50% off bin. I maybe paid 4 to 5 buck each. I don’t care for rubber masks, but the half mask is fully adaptable and comfortable despite the attached wig. 
I painted the half mask silver but let the black detailing remain. I used standard acrylic craft paint. This mask used to be white, with heavy red tinting around the teeth and gums.
See the picture here:
Materials needed: mask, scissors, silver paint, a brush.   Time- pretty darn quick, maybe 20 minutes or so. Degree of difficulty: “extremely easy”.
Adapt a blank white mask:
I adapted a plain white masculine mask as my first DE mask. It was originally just a prop that wound up being a costume. Plain blank masks come in male or female forms depending on the character/gender you wish to cosplay. Male forms are harder to find, female forms are available everywhere it seems. I chose a plastic “pvc” style with a matte finish. Some masks are glossy and I don’t know how well the paint would hold to that, my inner engineer thinks it won’t.  I did not think paper craft masks for decorations would not stand up to sweat or traveling in luggage, maybe they do, but I went with the plastic because think of what would happen if the mask got wet or your shampoo burst all over it in your luggage. The plastic mask will flex, and that is the plus. But over time the flexing will weaken it.
Look at the plain mask compared to the finished one. The finished one was cut to fit the face of the wearer. This makes the mask a lot more comfortable. Note the eyes are cut larger, an opening in the nose was created, and the mouth widened.   Widening the mouth is important, Death Eaters need to drink potion. These masks can be tough to cut. Start with the inner parts like the eyes mouth and nose, and then trim round the face. Don’t fret if you make a mistake, bigger openings are not a bad thing.
If you accidently cut the elastic, it is easy to crazy glue better elastic to the mask. Don’t fret about it. At my first con, I repaired my mask with a band aid (thank you schmoo) when the elastic detached from the side.
The decorative details were done by simply dribbling white or wood (yellow) glue on the mask. Make sure the glue dries and keep layering it until you are satisfied with the level of relief. The silver paint will diminish the relief visually, but we can compensate for that by using shoe polish or dark paint to "tarnish" the mask.   You will need to put several coats of acrylic silver paint on the mask. Let each layer dry before painting the next layer. You want a few layers of paint to thoroughly cover the white.
This mask takes more time due to the drying intervals between each step, but the work itself is quick. Degree of difficulty- easy. Time- can take days due to the drying intervals. Actual work is an hour or so.
See the pics here:
 Materials needed: mask, scissors, silver paint, glue, a brush. 
Use craft or art grade “paper mache”:
Other Death Eaters reported using “Celluclay”, which is available at craft stores, to make their masks. I have not done this, but the principles are easy. Basically you take an existing mask, like the plastic white one and you build your de mask on top of it. Once the celluclay is dry pop it off the plastic mask. (I hope it pops off!) You will need to drill holes for the elastic that will hold it on, or you can glue the elastic to it. The appealing part of celluclay is you can use household tools on it: drills, files, sandpaper. You can add all types of decorative details to it or even impress designs in it when still malleable. There is no problem with painting it. 
A package of celluclay is shown in the picture above.
I have heard cured, dried celluclay is moisture resistant and suitable for cosplay. Tell me if this is wrong.
There are other products similar to celluclay, I don’t know what they are.
Celluclay masks will not flex, but I am told they are durable. Death Eaters who have made a mask with celluclay or similar product are encouraged to add to this post!
Other methods of making a DE mask:
I cannot vouch for these methods.
Then there is the tin/aluminum foil method (use the dull side please) If you try this, please share the results.
The quasi-life casting method looks interesting. I think you could use Celluclay for this method, don’t know how or if the plaster bandages would hold up to airport handling. WARNING: plaster directly on the skin is a BIG NO-NO, it heats up, it hurts, don’t do it.  If you try this method SAFELY, please share the results. This method is very similar to life casting but done on a smaller scale.
Buy a licensed mask:
Expect to pay about 20 to25 bucks for a licensed mask. It is cheaper to make your own!
Whimsicalley is cheaper at 19 bucks and also has DE costumes! If Whimsicalley is at the con, they will most likely have masks for sale there. They sell three types of licensed masks. Style 3 is cool. (They also sell temp tattoo dark marks)
Same styles (close up pics- please note licensed masks are latex)
Here is a FANCY one (at a UK site) that has built in electronics. Expect to pay a lot more, and of course the MORE expensive mask is marketed as Malfoy’s.
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Premade DE costumes [Nov. 15th, 2007|07:38 pm]
Revel_Terminus: A Death Eater Community

 The first steps we are taking at revel_terminus is to provide ideas for the costume.  Later we can get to organizing events,

Please  note that Death Eaters are popular, yes we are! Some astute businesses are clearly making money in the Death Eater wardrobe department. So if you are really in a bind, keep an eye out for sales or ebay for pre-made death eater costumes. Especially with Halloween over. I found the link below while looking for other things.  I am certain there are other sites out there.
Premade Death Eater Costumes:
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